Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cornwall Coastal Walk, Day 2 St Ives to Sennen Cove

Left the St Ives Backpackers around 7am suffering from a big session on the beers the night before. This is the first time I have done open backpacking for 20 years and I was carrying around 15kgs plus. It was a slow start on the most strenuous part of the journey. Instantly I was hit with rugged and beautiful coastline. This stretched on for miles and I was going to walk it. All went fine on this first part until the first blister. On the plasters they go. I ended up going of the path at Zennor to go and get refreshments. (I heard there was a pub there) Never mind the pub I ended up at the cafe, after which someone offered me a ride to Botallack. This man and his daughter were on an adventure to visit the old tin mines. Naturally I said yeah why not I will walk on from there. At Botallack there are many remains of tin mine from the Industrial Age. When I first saw them I thought they were remains of Castles. Anyway after exploring these relics I carried on walking towards Kenidjack Castle Settlement. At this site is remains of what is believed a burial tomb from 3000BC a old castle from Norman times and a Victorian Shooting Range with Quarters (which looked like they are being repaired). Amazing how man just continued to use the same spot for many many centuries. From there I headed to Cape Cornwall had an Icecream got offered another ride this time to Trevedra Farm Camp Grounds. I didn't waste to much time here as the weather was closing in. After such an eventful day I was feeling somewhat jaded and had an early night.

Along that way

Tin Mines
Tin Mine
Tin Mine

Kenidjack Castle Settlement

Cape Cornwall

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