Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cornwall Coastal Walk, Day 3 Sennen Cove to Porthcurno

Wow!!!!...this is the part of the journey I have been waiting for. I awoke after a restless night sleep in my tent. Most of the night was fraught with high winds and rain and I was dreading waking up in the morning and packing away a wet tent. Lucky for me that was not the case. I had a light breakfast packed up and left. I headed down the hill from Trevedra Farm Campgrounds into the Northern end of Whitesand Bay. And what a sight. Instantly I thought of my mate Rob should be here surfing. Anyway headed down and along the beach towards the coastal settlement of Sennen. Along the way was remains of settlements that may be centuries old and old World War 2 Battlements. I stopped at the Breakers Cafe meet the owners Andy and Penny who are planing a trip to NZ. Andy asked if I knew some great spots I ended up drawing a map of NZ with road included. (this will be coming soon as soon as I recieve it via email) after that I had a tasty Englishmans Breakfast then carried on my way. Up the hill I went to a lookout at the top manned (womaned) by person from the National Heritage Trust. From there I headed towards Land's End. This place I have wanted to visit since buying an old oak frame 8 years ago (this frame had a tatty photo in it which was Land's End during 1890s or so). Lands End well lets say there is this amusement park there, that in my mind shouldn't be. After hanging around for a half an hour or so I headed on my way. Visited a small Craft and Farm settlement and headed back onto the Coastal Path. Well the weather was looking pretty shocking I doned on my raincoat and leggings and carried on regardless. I was lucky to be on this planet as the wind was so strong. I needed to head inland so I did. I went looking for a short cut to Porthcurno but never found it. It seem that I missed a turning and come out onto the coast further back than I expected. Nevermind I walked into Porthgwarra and found a small shop that sold hot pasties YUM!!...just what I needed to warm the cockles. Not far now getting exhausted with the rain heavier now I headed towards Porthcurno hoping to find a bed. An hour or so later battered by the weather I made it to my destination, found a B&B had a Pub dinner and headed to bed.

North End Sennen Cove, Whitesand Bay

Sennen Cove

Pedn-men-du (or Irish Lady)


Ship Wreak, Castle Zawn

Lands End from the North

Sea Gull Nest
Me for goodness sake hold on I'm about to
get blown of this cliff.

Lands End from the South

Peber (don't ask it's what it say on the map)

The above and below images are
I believe to be the Lions Den or looking
out to Pordenack Point

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