Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cornwall Coastal Walk Day 4 Porthcurno to Penzance

After a great night sleep and full on breakfast at the B&B at Rockridge House (highly recommended: rockridgehouse@aol.com) I wondered out rather late in the morning to tackle another day. I was going to take the bus but it never arrived so I walked and was glad I did.

Once I got going all was fine. It seems the my body is harden up to this endurance. So up a steep climb out of Porthcurno I go. Along the coastline once again. Then in a distance I spotted a crazy backpacker like myself carrying a heavy load. Is he a Kiwi, Ausy or Canadian I thought to myself. No I was both wrong he was a young English lad. We exchanged stories and parted ways. Up and down and around into tiny coastal villages that time forgot then I headed inland towards the Merry Maidens. It was rather confusing on which track to take on this inland journey but by my surprise I stumbled into the right one. Go the Ordnance Map. Up road I walk and within an hour I was standing by a tomb dating 3000BC and down from there the Merry Maidens a small stone circle from the same period. Wow. It was hard to tell if I felt anything as this spot must have been visited a million times so I sat in the middle and left a small offering a round gem found on the beach of Whitesand Bay. Walking away from this spot I didn't look back but I had a feeling of "thanks" for what I had done.
Right......back to the Coastal track. After getting the feeling I was walking around in circles to my surprise I ended up at Lamorna. Here the pub was packed with locals going on their Easter Walk from the Mousehole to Lamorna. It was called the "Rut" I think? After a helping of fish and salad at the cafe I left Lamorna on the last leg to Penzance. Wasn't a bad walk rather easy in comparison to what I have experienced. Up and down and along towards Mousehole pronounced "Mawlzole" another coastal village and then a killer footpath towards Penzance. Thanks to a couple I meet on this leg they offered me a ride to Penzance but that was after a 3/4 hr hike to their car.

I booked into the backpackers and went for a walk had my 2nd Cornish Ice Cream "Rum and Raisen and Coffe" YUM!!!! and watched the sun go down. Tomorrow is another day and my feet this time was killing me. I was in two minds if I should walk to St Ives on the St Michaels Way. I decided that I wont. I have done enough at this stage. Bed was blessing in disguise.


Burial Chamber and Merry Maidens



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