Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cornwall Coastal Bus Day 6 St Ives to Newquay

Ah! Day 6: Arrived back in Newquay to another wonderful day. I decided to catch an early bus from St Ives to Truro then onto Newquay. Was a nice journey through the country side. Was even nicer when I got to Newquay as it took a couple of hours. Back to the Newquay International Backpackers I go. During the evening I spent an hour in the sauna. Well deserved I reckon.

Both images are of Newquay.

Wow! What an experience and my body surely feels it.

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Fresh in my memory I carried recent knowledge obtained from watching Francis Pryor's, Britain AD on Google Video and reading Britain BC. Here in this county-side I was once again transported back in time. Back to 3000BC. You could not help thinking while walking this trail of the many persons who have traveled it and why. Many for leisure and many for the purpose of survival. It is interesting to discover many spots that have had communities built upon it each one either utilizing the building blocks of the prior or building next to, in respect of their heritage.
Did I do what I set out to do? Yes and No but it doesn't matter. My 1st goal: Was to see Lands End (check). 2nd: Visit Barbara Hepworth Museum (check). 3rd: See the Merry Maidens (check). 4th Visit St Michaels Mount and walk the St Michaels Way (um yes and no). I am certainly not disappointed and have seen more than I expected. I have also experienced the warmness and openness of Cornish hospitality. I recommend this journey to anyone who wishes to take it.

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